Eastham Within Living Memory – produced for the millennium

Sylvia Breakwell has lived in Eastham since 1961 and Averil Opperman moved to the area in the early 1980s. Some years ago (for the Millenium Project) they worked together with many local villagers and friends to produce ‘Eastham – Within Living Memory’ (an abstract from the poem at the end of the book, ‘Holiday Memory’ by Violet Poulton, appeared in our blog ‘Eastham in Literature’.

The following clips give some interesting insights into the character of the village and landscape.

  1. In which Sylvia talks of her husband Clive, his father and his grandfather, and a curious affect to be avoided in the often high river levels of the Teme and the resulting high water tables.
  1. In which Sylvia speaks of her own family, moving from mid-Wales as farmers to farm in Berrington, near Little Hereford.
  1. Sylvia re-tells the local story of how Death’s Dingle (close to the River Teme and to Piper’s Brook, known locally as the Spout) got its name.
  1. Nayker’s Hall, in Highwood, within Eastham Parish, was once known as ‘Knacker’s Hole’ and is deemed to be so named for the, perhaps obvious reference to the fate of many farm horses and their final resting place. In this clip Averil recounts another, romantic but attractive theory about how the name came to be.
  1. In which Sylvia describes her mum’s skills of self-sufficiency, often required in farming life.
  1. In which Averil reflects on some of the changes in the village of Eastham and its environs.

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